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7-20-4 Cigars Manchester NH

dirt cheap 7-20-4 cigars

7-20-4 Cigars Dirt Cheap 724 cigars or 7-20-4 cigars derives from the R.G. Sullivan factory located on Elm St. Manchester, NH with the address 724. Since Manchester NH is where our awesome cigar store is located you will be able to find these 7-20-4 cigars cheap in Manchester NH, or order 7-20-4 cigars online cheap […]

Ora Vivo Cigars Armand Assante


Ora Vivo Cigars Armand Assante The Ora Vivo was created by Vitor Vitale for the well-known famous Armand Assante. Armand Assante is best known for his movie rolls, but Armand Assante is also a world renowned musician, artist, and cigar aficionado. Victor Vitale and Armand Assante teamed up and created the Ora Vivo cigar which […]

Tortuga 215 Reserva Review


Tortuga 215 Reserva The long awaited Tortuga 215 Tortuga Reserva cigar day-viewed at the IPCPR cigar trade show in July of 2013. The Tortuga 215 Reserva was created by the legend Vitor Vitale. Victor Vitale has been in the cigar business and cigar blending since the mid 90’s, and this Tortuga 215 Reserva cigar is Victors’ […]