Looking for Starbuzz Hookah Shisha or Hookah Coals in Manchester, New Hampshire? You have come to the right place. Holy Smokes of 297 S Willow St in Manchester, NH carries all of your Shisha Flavor or Hookah tobacco needs. We also carry Shisha Coals with an ultra-low price anywhere in the New Hampshire area. The Hookah Shisha flavors that we have in-stock today range from Watermelon Flavor Shisha to Apple Shisha Flavor. Here is some of the Hookah Shisha Flavors we offer below.


Shisha Flavor: Grape Mint Frost

Shisha Flavor: Pineapple Orange

Shisha Flavor: Guava Orange

Shisha Flavor: Blueberry Mint Berry

Shisha Flavor: Kiwi Strawberry Fuzzy

Shisha Flavor: Atomic Orange

Shisha Flavor: Blackberry Black Magic

Shisha Flavor: Passion Fruit Spell

Shisha Flavor:Lemon Mint Zest

Shisha Flavor: Strawberry Sinful

Shisha Flavor: Peach Possessed

Shisha Flavor: Purple Grape Daze

Shisha Flavor: Mango Kiss

Shisah Flavor: Watermelon Wickedness

Shisha Flavor: Pineapple Breeze
Strawberry – Kiwi Coconut – Pineapple mix

Shisha Flavor: Mojo Mint

Shisha Flavor: Blueberry Bewitched


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