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If you have a website we will link to you only if your site or sites are legit. Obviously you know the deal, but just in-case you are a total moron like 80% of the population I will give you a step by step block of instructions.

Step #1  You have to link our homepage url to your website somewhere preferably on the homepage if you can fit it. This is our website url please copy and paste this to your website, and use the keyword”cigars”for the name when adding the link.

Step #2  Contact us through our contact page here  and ask us nicely also attach your link in your message please.  Your website better not have any blackhat garbage on it or I will send Chuck Norris after you.

Step #3 Please be patient, due to my extremely busy scheduled I’m often to busy to check  emails  because I’m too busy dealing with all the scam morons in the cigar industry.

Here are some awesome websites below please take 5 seconds from your overly-glorified facebook page and take a look at the following links below.

Links To Great Websites Best Cigar Website in the universe Best Cigar Review Website in the universe Best Caterers in New Hampshire and in the Universe