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La Mezcla Cubana Cigars

The La Mezcla Cubana cigars are one of the most popular brands at a awesome box price that can’t be beat, so put those Ashton cigars down and smoke one of the La Mezcla Cubana cigars they’re half the price and under $5.00 a stick! Smoke Magazine recently gave the Mezcla Cigars a 91 rating which is outstanding and hard to come by these days. The Mezcla Cubana cigar blend is a medium bodied cigar that is very smooth. The Mezcla Cubana cigars have Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers with a nice Ecuador wrapper that burns extremely well. The Mezcla Cubana cigar is a must try for any medium bodied cigar lover. The Mezcla Cubana comes in 4 sizes: La Mezcla Cubana Crowned King – 6.5×54 – La Mezcla Cubana Lusitania – 7.5 x50 – La Mezcla Cubana Titan – 6×60 – La Mezcla Cubana Triangulare – 6.5 x 56 –  Credited from...

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Cheap Cigars

The Ashford Bentley Cigars are a new cigar bundle that Holy Smokes Cigars of Manchester NH sells hands over fists. The outstanding price that can’t be beat is $25.99 , so if you’re looking for a cheap everyday cigar then this is your best bet! The blend for these Ashford Bentley Churchill cigars are outstanding for the money. The cigars are named after a legendary Cuban cigar master blender “Ashford Bentley”, and these cigars are on a mission to bring back the affordable cigar to the everyday cigar smoker. These cigars are perfect for the mild cigar cigar lover who is looking for a every day cigar. The Ashford Bentleys only come in one size for now, but I’m sure these guys will have more sizes and blends on the way.  The price tag on these Ashford Bentley cigars are well worth the money get a bundle today! – Credited from

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