Holy Smokes Cigar House LLC opened in October 2004. This was the same year and month that the Red Sox reversed-the-curse by winning their first World Series title in 86-years. Holy Smokes started under the vision of MJ and Bobby L two young best-friends from New Hampshire with a common passion for premium cigars. MJ is an U.S. Army Veteran who appreciates the sacrifice that our men and women in uniform make every day. Bobby L  is a sports Guru who knows every stat by a Major Leaguer for the past 50-years.

The two-partners worked day and night for 6 months straight doing all the work themselves, including building one of New England’s largest walk-in humidors. In 2008, Bobby took ill and left the business, while MJ continued strong in his role to offer a great selection of boutique cigars.

In December 2012, Holy Smokes decided to upgrade the store front. The new Holy Smoke’s has a clean-lined urban vibe that is inviting and female-friendly.

Holy Smoke’s is headed in a completely different direction. Holy Smoke’s goal is to provide every customer with an experience that they will not see at every other Vape or cigar shop. We believe in offering the best customer service in the vape and cigar industry. Sure, you could buy your cigars or e liquid online at a deep-discount distributor, but 90% of the time the product is not up to standard and sometimes not even safe to use.  Our e liquid is not sitting in somebody’s basement for months without temperature control. That’s how e liquid or products becomes bad.  Instead, we take pride at keeping our e-liquid and cigar selection at the perfect climate and humidity. We also, carry mostly limited release and hard to find cigars and e cigarette products that not every other vape or cigar retailer has. We stay on top of the latest trending e juices and mods and cigars and make sure to have them in our customers hands as soon as they launch.

Holy Smoke’s is a Vape – cigar lounge and what do people do at a lounge, they relax. So feel comfortable to bring in your own cocktail of choice, without having to pay extra for that drink. Turn-on your favorite sports game on one of our High-Definition flat screen TV’s smoke a cigar or vape in style and relax, and remember Holy Smokes customer service motto has always been the same. “I don’t care if a customer spends $2.00 or $500.00 they will always get the same amazing customer service we can offer”!

Holy Smokes Staff