Mechanical Mods For Sale Manchester NH

If you have an E cig Mechanical Mod you have to take a look at our selection. We have over 400 different Mod combinations including ,Limitless, Kennedy RDAs,RTA’s, Rigs, SMPL Mod, FU Hattan mod , The FU Mod, Authentic Rig Mechanical Mod, Authentic FLAG Ship Mods v2 and many more. The newest edition to the Mech Mod world is the Limitless 24K gold plated mod, and we have these in-stock.

RBA, RDA Drippers For Sale in Manchester NH

Rebuildable Atomizers and Rebuildable Drippers For Sale Manchester, NH. RBA’s and RDA’s are the best way to go if you want to up your Mod game. Holy Smokes in Manchester NH has well over 100 different RBA’s and RDA’s with rock solid Authentic RDA Dripper makers like limitess, Goons, Kennedy, and a ton more.

Kanthal Wire for wrapping coils Manchester NH

We have Kanthal Wire for wrapping coils here at Holy Smokes in Manchester NH. We have 50ft rolls, 100ft rolls of Kanthal wire 18, 20, 22,24,26,28 gauge, Kanthal wire and plenty more.

Batteries for E Cig Mods

If you’re into Ecig Mods you’re going to need to have some fail-safe batteries. Holy Smokes in Manchester NH has all the Batteries and Chargers you need. We carry some of the best 18650 or 26650 high drain batteries on the market.

Rebuildable Atomizers and Rebuildable Drippers, E cig Mechanical Mod, high drain Batteries, Kanthal Wire, organic cotton bacon,  For Sale in Manchester, NH, – Hooksett,NH – Derry, NH – Salem, NH – Epping NH