The vaping industry is not slowing down anytime soon. The latest ground breaking revamp is the Gclapton 24k Gold replacement coils for Vape Sub-tanks like the Kanger Sub-mini  or the Artic Tank. There’s so many great things about the Gclapton 24k Gold replacement coils like the coils are a clapton design for better taste and durability. The Gclapton 24k gold-plated coils have organic cotton which delivers an all around cleaner burn and more flavor. The Glapton 24k Gold replacement coils housing has been dipped in 24k gold which will deliver more continuity because gold is one of the best conductor of all .



Right now as o write this post the Gclapton 24k Gold replacement coils are available for the following

Kanger Sub-Tank (0.5ohms) compatible with: Kanger Subtank Mini, Subtank Plus and Nano

Atlantis Sub-Tank (0.5ohms) compatible with:  Herakles and Aspire; Atlantis v1/v2, Atlantis Mega and Triton

Arctic Tanks (0.5ohms) compatible with: Horizon Arctic Subtank

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