Ford F-150 – Is the Worst Truck Ever Made

All my buddies were either car mechanics, or car know-it-all guys growing up. There was no internet, car review sites, or anything back in the 90’s.   I clearly remember always talking to the neighborhood car mechanics which was like 10 of them back in the day, they would all warn me how bad Ford trucks and Ford cars were. Every conversation I can ever remember about a Ford product always ended up with, ” Fords are the biggest shit-boxes on planet earth”.  I always figured I wouldn’t be that guy, or I wouldn’t be that stupid to buy a Ford when I got older – yeah sure.



Fast forward to the year 2005. I traded in my 2004 Chevy Silverado 4×4 5.3 V8 Vortec for a new 2005 F-150 4.6 V8 4×4. If I could go back in time that day, I would kick my-past-self in the balls and tell my-past-self  I was going to embark on 10 years of financial disaster. Since I don’t have a time machine, I would be screwed for the next 10 years.

I know some of you are reading this BS right now and saying why didn’t I just trade the truck in? The explanation for not trading my truck in is pretty simple, I didn’t want to owe way more money than the truck is worth. I was pretty much screwed for the resale value of the truck since day one because Fords have the worst trade in value,  but I didn’t want to be even more upside down when I went to trade it in.

Looking back now I should have ghost ridden this shitbox off the Quincy Quarries but I didn’t. The worst part of this shitty story is, I got my truck advice from my dip-shit hairdresser girlfriend I was with at the time, what can I say I was pussy whipped. Unfortunately most guys have been down that road, so you know what I mean. Basically she sweet talked me into trading-in my kick ass 04 Chevy Silverado for the biggest pile of shit known to man –  F-150.  

F150 2005 STX 4.6 V8 4×4 was a very expensive truck back then and I paid top dollar around 28K. There was no sweetheart rescission panic deals like there is today in 2015. I’ll say it to this day the F-150’s look very sexy compared to the majority of trucks on the market, but in reality the F-150 that I own will be the biggest pile a shit I will ever drive in my life hands down guaranteed. Over the years I have been keeping records of all the repairs on this F-150 and here are the stats below.

Update 7/21/16 Cost $900 – My shitbox F150 needs rear end replacement bearings. 


The Breakdown and Repair Stats of my Terrible 2005 F150

36k Mile Fords Manufactures Warranty ~ Thanks for nothing Ford. 

Year 1 – 2006 – 15k light miles:
Alternator has to be changed out, no biggie it’s under warranty. Still a pain in the ass but not a big deal.

Year 2  – 2007  problem free – I can’t believe it I should play the Lotto.

Year 3 – 2008  problem free – I can’t believe it I should play the Lotto.

Year 4 – 2009 37k miles:
Fords Manufactures Warranty expired. 1k miles later and naturally the ABS Braking System got totally shot. Replacement cost was around $1800, and a week in the shop I’m kinda pissed off but expected since it’s a Ford.

Year 5 – 2010 – 52k miles:
My truck is kind of rattling when I hit the gas, I’m not really sure what’s going on so I pass the truck over to some expert Mechanics and they all tell me the same thing, a spark plug shot threw a piston it will be cheaper to replace the engine. Effing great I had to shell out around $3,000 for a used engine with 50k miles on it; “and hopefully 50k miles”.

Year 6 – 2011 – 65k miles dead of winter:
I had to drive to Logan Airport to pick up my wife’s parents up they were flying in around 4:30 pm from South America so it’s kind of a stressful moment. The F-150 strikes again and the transmission died right when I drove it off my driveway to the airport. Cost $2600 for a rebuilt transmission.

Year 7 – 2012 – 80k miles:
F-150 strikes again front end needs to be replaced, ball joints, wheel bearings, and other bullshit things on a F-150. Cost $2400

Year 8 – 2013 – 95k Miles:
Front Struts, rear shocks blown out, and naturally front brakes calipers need replacement. Cost $1800

Year 9 – 2014 – 115k Miles:
4×4 Drive needs repair it goes in and out of gear on the highway sounds like a rattling noise every time a step in the gas around 35 mph to 50 mph. The 4×4 IWE system is a known gremlin in all the F150’s from this era, but a total nightmare to figure out for mechanics unless they work at the Ford dealership. This process of getting the 4×4 system fixed took me around 6 months because nobody could get it right, and I had to show the Mechanics a YouTube video about it and tell them how to fix it.  Cost $2400 to fix.

Year 10 – 2015 – 132k Miles Holiday Season last week.

I was driving my regular grueling 5 mile trip home and the transmission started to slip. I brought to an expert transmission shop the next day. These guys actually know what they are doing and I told them to make everything work. The transmission shop had to replace the transmission again, rear end, water pump, steering box, and tune up. Total cost $4800.

Year 2015 132k Miles 3 days later 

I was driving the pile of shit f-150 and the rear end or transmission started to click and skip. I gave the truck back to the transmission shop to have it fixed. I’m not sure what the cost will be or if it’s their screw up, but i can almost guarantee it will be another 1k or more to fix.

Year 2015 132k Miles 5 days later

Transmission shop that did the previous work can’t figure it out because the truck will not slip or grind gears in-front of them so they can’t do anything. So I guess I’ll drive the Shitbox F-150 for another 6 months until another catastrophic event happens with the truck. I can’t trade the truck in because it’s worthless right now.  I’ll get 5K on a good day and that’s pushing it.

I look at this F-150 abortion this way,” I would rather be in 5k debt with the repairs then 30k in debt with a new truck ! ” I’ll deal with the anger and misery because I live in New England and I’m use to it.

10 Years of ownership of a F150 2005 

Repair Cost not included brakes, oil changes, or tires every 3 years.  $18800.00 

Monthly Payments on the F150 Shitbox  $420 for 7 years “my fault for that” total of $35280

Total cost for Ownership of a shitbox F150  $54,080 – not including tires, oil changes, or break every 3 years. 


This F150 doesn’t even have electric windows and has Zero Balls worst truck ever made period.  F150 4.6 v8 is a pile of shit ask any real mechanic.

It’s my fault for having a moment of weakness and buying a F150. I knew that Fords are terrible, but I figured it wouldn’t happen to me. Do yourself a favor and don’t ever buy a F-150.