E Cig upgrades where do i start?

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Sub-Ohm style of Vaping is the way to go in the year 2016. The cheapest and user friendliest vape kit on the market is the ijust2 eleaf Starter kit. This kit has it all, the clouds, flavor and the reliability. The Ijust2 Vape kit is great if you want to upgrade or to get  into vaping. The battery life will last all day and you can recharge the battery at night. You can use a lower level of nicotine to get off cigarettes like a 6mg or lower. The flavor taste great and the Ijust2 kit is just plain and simply awesome.  For under $50 you can’t go wrong.

Holy Smokes - nh-Eleaf-iJust-2-Kit

Holy Smokes – nh-Eleaf-iJust-2-Kit



We’ll there is a lot of upgrades for your e-cig pen or e-cig vaporizers, we’ll start with the tank upgrades.

The Aspire Nautilus Tank is a great upgrade if you are using a variable wattage or voltage battery.  The Aspire Nautilus Tank Mini is one of the best glass tanks on the market for an upgrade. The coils on the  Aspire Nautilus Tank are fairly large compared to the Kanger mini, or a regular plastic tank. Generally the larger the coil the more vape and taste you will get. The Aspire Nautilus Tank will not leak out. The Nautilus Tank has air flow adjustments so you can dial in the amount of vape you’d like.


The Aspire Nautilus Tank Mini is a fan favorite of many vapor shops across the country, but be careful not to get a fake. Just as China produces these e cigs with lighting speed, China at the same time is producing fakes of the Aspire Nautilus Tanks, just like clothing apparel, Coach purses, and everything else. Most head-shops carry clones or fake products. If a head-shop is selling drug paraphernalia they’re probably selling fakes too and you won’t even know it.

 The advice from E-cig experts at Holy Smokes of Manchester, NH.

If you want the tank to be small and sleek, go with a Kanger Mini 3 tank. If you want more flavor and taste, go with the Aspire Nautilus Tank Mini. There is a $20 price difference between the both, Kanger being the cheaper, but the Aspire Nautilus Tank Mini is a total game changer – everybody loves the Aspire Nautilus Tank.


 Batteries, box mods,variable voltage and wattage what does this all mean?

We’ll talk about some basic battery info and what  it means to you as a beginner or if you want to upgrade your e-cig. Basically the smaller the battery the more you will have to charge it. The smaller batteries is what everyone wants when they start out with a ecig kit , but what usually happens is the smaller batteries will always fail you when you need them the most, sort of like my Ford F-150. Your always charging the batteries, or the battery’s life will diminish over time. The knock off batteries from Head-shops or great deals online will always die fast. Kanger Evod batteries work very well, better than most on the market. Again you need to watch out for clones or fakes, if the price is too good to be true – it’s most likely a fake which most head-shops carry.


Variable Voltage Batteries are great, but the vv batteries will be bigger in size. If you want your battery to last longer you will have to get a bigger battery usually 1300 mah  battery. A 1300mah battery will last around 3 days before you have to charge it. This is what most people get when they upgrade. When people upgrade they really should be looking at the box mods, or sub ohm types of set ups, i’ll explain below.

Box Mods what’s the big deal?

Box mods are great, these types of batteries last a long time before you have to recharge them. The newer box mods can use sub ohm tanks like the Aspire Atlantis or Artic Sub Ohm. Once you have vaped a box mod with a sub ohm tank on it, you will not want to use anything else – ever. This is the best set up for most e cig users. Ultimately you will end up purchasing a e cig box mod type  soon or later. The price is more on the box mod types, but well worth it. The majority of e cig box mods are very durable and can do a-lot of thing like automatically adjusting your voltage or wattage by reading the ohms on your tank or atomizer. The newer Box mods have temperature control that can keep you vape cooler on a higher wattage. Pretty cool right? The vape community can not cheerleader enough about the box mods because the box mods are really that awesome.


If you’re looking for a e-cig upgrade Holy Smokes of Manchester, NH is by far the most trusted source for e-cig upgrades. In the E-Cig business the E-cigarettes, vaporizers, or vape pens are really really good, or not so good. It’s totally worth spending the extra $20 on a upgrade.  Holy Smokes has the most expert staff available in the Southern NH. Everyone that works at Holy Smokes of Manchester, NH  can help guide you through the process of the E-cigarette upgrades or e-cig starter kits.


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