Perdomo 20th Anniversary Review:


Alright here we go again with the best cigar review known to man.  We will start off today with the Perdomo 20th Anniversary review, and I’m smoking the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Gordo 6×60 size. I have to say the presentation is downright beautiful with the packaging, look, smell, and feel to these cigars. The Perdomo 20th Anniversary was released in October of 2012 to a handful of retailers, and we were lucky enough to have  these cigars in-stock.


The pre-light ceremony included a coffee, wooden matches and ESPN on the flat screen. Once I lit the cigar and took a drag I noticed that there was a totally different flavor profile than all the rest of the Perdomo cigars I have been smoking over the years. Most of the Perdomo cigars I have had in the past sort of have this strong acidity taste at the beginning of each cigar. From what a rep told me in the past is that the Perdomo cigar makers usually load up the ligero at the beginning of their cigars to give it that immediate strong kick, but this new Perdomo 20th Anniversary maduro Gordo had neither. The cigar started out unbelievably smooth with a hint of espresso and coca flavors as this cigar almost reminded me of a Padron 1964 Anniversary. The draw on the Perdomo 20th Anniversary maduro Gordo was perfect as the ash held its ground firmly. The Ash was nice with a perfect white gray look to it.


Halfway through the Perdomo 20th Anniversary maduro Gordo the flavor profile is still kicking and screaming and still has that ultra-smooth spicy espresso taste – again sort of like a Padron Anniversary 1964. The draw and burn is perfect as it can get unlike the usual maduro cigars I have smoked in the past. At the end of the Perdomo 20th Anniversary the cigar mellows out a bit and has a creamy smooth taste to it. The strength tappers off to a medium range as the burn and wrapper stay intact. I smoked this Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro Gordo all the way down to the end.


My Final thoughts on the Perdomo 20th Anniversary maduro cigar review is that this cigar is the best cigar Nick Perdomo and company ever created I would not hesitate to buy another box of these Perdomo 20th Anniversary maduro cigars.

Review credited from cigardeficionado.