Ora Vivo Cigars Armand Assante

The Ora Vivo was created by Vitor Vitale for the well-known famous Armand Assante. Armand Assante is best known for his movie rolls, but Armand Assante is also a world renowned musician, artist, and cigar aficionado. Victor Vitale and Armand Assante teamed up and created the Ora Vivo cigar which comes in boxes of 16. The Ora Vivo cigar sports pure beauty in appearance with an aggressive medium to full bodied blend of 100% pure Nicaraguan tobaccos from the Esteli Region of Nicaragua. The Ora Vivo cigar sizes range in a hearty 54 to 60 ring gauge to 5” to 7.5” in length which should satisfy any cigar smoker out there.



The Ora Vivo cigars are another smash hit for Armand Assante and the Vitor Vitale team. “Life is a fleeting glance and taste of beauty. We honor it… in all its forms. Ora Vivo is our salute”. — Armand Assante.

Ora Vivo cigar sizes available and in-stock

Ora Vivo (5 x 54), Ora Vivo (7.5 x 58), Ora Vivo (6 x 56), Ora Vivo (6 x 60)

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