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Looking for E-cigarettes, E-Juice, E-Liquid, Vapor Blends for sale in the New Hampshire area? Well you have come to the right place. Here at Holy Smokes of Manchester, NH we carry e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Sometimes people call the E-cigarettes Vapor Pens, E Pens, Vape, E-Vape or just plain Vapor.

Switching from Cigarettes to E- Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are generally healthier and better for you than a traditional cigarette and it’s an easy switch from regular cigarettes to vapor. The reason being why E- cigarette vaporizers is an easy switch from traditional cigarettes is that the E-cigarettes have the same feel and smoke as a traditional cigarette, but the smoke from the E-cigarette is 100% water vapor with far less carcinogens than a regular cigarette. The vapor e-cigarette can be smoked pretty much anywhere, and as of today there are not too many laws or regulations regarding vaporizers or e-cigarettes which make the vapor e-cigarettes easy to enjoy. The smell of the liquid vapor smoke is actually enjoyable believe it or not. There are 500 different flavors to choose from when Vaping with a E-Cigarette, from watermelon E-liquid flavor to American Tobacco or Menthol E-liquid flavoring. You’ll find the perfect flavor that will help you switch off that nasty habit of traditional cigarettes.

E-Cigarette Manchester NH E-liquid

E-Cigarette Manchester NH E-liquid

How does an e-cigarette vaporizer work?

The E Vapor cigarette breaks down into 4 major parts.
1. The Battery which can be recharger by a USB or car charger,
2. Clearomizer or tank which holds the E-liquid Flavors,
3. Wick which induces the E-juice into the coil, sometime these come wickless.
4. Coil which heats up the E juice and creates Vapor
5. Tip , tip of the Vapor cigarette in which you take a hit from

E-Liquid what is it?

Best E Liquid in New Hampshire

Best E Liquid in New Hampshire

The vaporizer e-cigarettes use a nicotine liquid called E-liquid or E-juice. The E Liquid is made up of 3 different components, food grade Propylene Glycol, Vegetable glycerin, and Nicotine. There are different ranges of mixtures with the E-liquid for example 50% VG -50% PG means 50% Vegetable Glycerin and 50% Propylene Glycol. Most E-liquid makers or providers use different percentages to create a different feel and flavor. Holy Smokes of Manchester NH carries all types of different mixtures of E juice, we actually have over 500 different variable flavors that you can try out be you purchase. You can by the E liquid in a bottle form ranging in small 10ml bottles to 30ml bottles. One 12ml bottle generally equal to 6 packs of cigarettes, and we sell the E-liquid for $8.99 a bottle. Bottles of E-liquid range from 0 nicotine levels to 34 mg nicotine levels and generally the higher nicotine level the less flavorful the vapor smoke will be.

Prices for E-Cigarette Starter kits

We sell E-Cigarette Vapor Starter kits that range from $42.99 to $65.99. The prices of the E liquid in 12ml bottle size are $8.99. Remember 1 bottle of the E-liquid is equivalent to 6 packs of cigarettes, so you’re saving a ton of money plus this is a far better alternative than traditional cigarettes. You can be up and running for under $60 that’s less than a carton of cigarettes -totally worth it.

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