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Looking for the best cigar store in NH or in the universe, well you have come to the right place. We can help you out with any cigar needs and wants. We specialize in boutique cigars such as Arturo Fuente, Acid, My Father, Don Benigno cigars, cigar humidors, and cigar related items like lighters and cutters.

holy smokes cigar store manchester nh

holy smokes cigar store manchester nh


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Store Hours: 10am – 8pm Everyday

Phone # 603-623-3337

Cigar Store Directions:

Holy Smokes Cigars of Manchester NH is one of the finest cigar stores in New Hampshire also the best place to get cigars, located at 297 South Willow Street, Manchester NH 03103. The cigar store is a 5 minute drive from the Manchester Mall of NH, and a 10 minute drive from the Manchester NH Airport, 15 minute drive from Londonderry NH, 10 minute drive from Bedford NH, also a 15 minute drive from Hooksett NH. Click Here for google map link.

Newly added items to the Holy Smokes Cigars Store is the K cup coffee or otherwise known as Keurig Coffee. We sell these K Cups by the single K Cup or by the Box with ultra low prices, some people might even call the prices cheap, but this is a great way to try out different types of K cup coffees and not have to commit to buying a box. Here is a Link to check out some of the types of K cup coffees we carry. K cups

Looking For Cheap Don Benigno Cigars?  We have all the Don Benigno cigars for sale!


Don Benigno Cigars – Boxes of 10, 25 or Singles


Only @ Holy Smokes Cigars  Manchester NH







Month of March 



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The Promo Cigars:

La Flor Dominicana Double Claro cigars are the latest and greatest cigar made by Lito Gomez and the La Flor Dominicana crew. The La Flor Dominicana cigar company has been making the best full bodied blended cigars on the market and this newest and brightest cigar uses a different kind of blend. What makes this cigar so different and awesome is the wrapper on this new La Dominicana cigar is a Candela wrapper. The Candela wrapper has a unique taste unlike any other cigar wrapper and it’s green, and very rare due to shortages. So if you want to try something different and new from the best guys around give this new La Flor Dominicana Double Claro a try. View more content  here.


Don Benigno cigars

Boxes of 10 – $95.00 and under ! Perfect Gift for any cigar smoker ! 

don benigno cigars

don benigno cigars

Don Benigno cigars are one of our top selling cigar brands in New Hampshire and in our store front Holy Smokes Cigars. The Don Benigno cigars are  international known particularly in South America, U.K., and with cigar connoisseurs world wide. These Don Benigno cigars are a rare, hard to get cigar in the States, but fortunately for us we have the Don Benigno cigars, and they’re great. The Don Benigno cigars are a hiding jewel in the cigar world, and not too many cigar stores ever had the opportunity to try the Don Benigno cigars. In our experience with the Don Benigno cigars we have seen even the most hardcore La Flor Dominicana, VSG, and Padron cigar smokers switch from their beloved favorites to the Don Benigno cigars which is mind boggling because we have never seen that before – true story and I’m hooked. The Don Benigno cigars are made in Costa Rica the old fashion way without black dyes, ovens, or ridiculous vanilla flavors these cigars are 100% natural and authentic. To order the Don Benigno cigars online follow this link to Don Benigno cigars

If your a fan of saving money on cigars, you know that our  Holy Smokes Organic House Blend cigars are the way to go. To get a cigar produced in the Dominican Republic that meets our tough criteria for quality and price has not been an easy task as it has taken years of hard work and you’ll see why once you smoke one of these cigars. We hold our Holy Smokes Organic House Blend dear to us. They have our name on the bundle and we must keep it the best value in the cigar business. If we see quality or consistency change, we stop production. We will not accept an inferior product. The good news is that we have plenty of bundles in-stock since it’s our  #1 seller. The best thing is the prices will remain the same as they have for years $39.99 a bundle of 25 which breaks down to $1.59 a stick at a unbeatable price. All Organic House Blend cigars are hand made, with well aged-filler and are the best quality for the price. The Holy Smokes Organic House Blend cigars are “The best valued cigars period”.


The Sizes avaible are 

Toro Natural 6 x 50 , Mild Bodied 

Churchill Habano 7×50  Meduim Bodied ,

Torpedo Habano 6.75 x52  Medium Bodied ,

6×60 Habano Medium Bodied (only 20 cigars in the 6×60 Bundle)



$1.59 a cigar ! This is the best valued cigar all day long, so put down those  Macanudo cigars and smoke one of these. The 100 % Organic House Blend cigars is one of our top selling cigar lines, and rightfully so these cigars are organically made without any of those nasty dies or flavoring. After 4 long years and visiting all the cigar factories around the world we decided to go with this particular blend to put our name on because it’s all organic unlike most of the famous cigar lines out there today. These cigar taste the way tobacco should without any additives. The tobacco in the Organic house blend cigar is grown in a small private farm in the regions of the Dominican Republic by the world renown cigar maker Miguel Hernandez. After harvesting, the leaves are carefully cured, and then aged four years to produce a rich-tasting, well-balanced blend. These mild to medium-bodied cigars have a pure,natural tobacco flavor augmented by woody notes.



El Tiante cigars

El Tiante cigars are sold here as well. Luis Tiant the great Red Sox pitcher of all times has launched a new cigar , and it’s great.

These all new El Tiante cigars are made by one of the best cigar makers out there Don Pepin Garcia! Everything that Don Pepin Garcia makes is outstanding and the My Father Cigar Inc has taken charge of the cigar industry by producing the best cigars in the cigar market right now. The packaging is beautiful and down right awesome just like Don Pepin Garcia’s entire cigar lines, as there are no short cuts here on the presentation or construction of the El Tiante cigars, so be prepared for down right jaw dropping awesomeness.

Holy Smokes Cigars of Manchester NH

Holy Smokes cigar shop was established in 2004 and since then people from all around the United States have been visiting Holy Smokes cigars of Manchester NH to get their favorite cigars, hand carved pipes, and pipe tobacco. Holy Smokes Cigars is known for one of the best places to get cigars at a discount price around the New Hampshire area. We have a state of the art ventilated smoking lounge with a 60” Flat Screen TV, also we have free Wi-Fi for the business professionals. Our beautiful climate controlled all Spanish cedar walk in Humidor will have your favorite cigars, and it is a must see for any cigar aficionado. Here is a link to view the walk in humidor

Some of the famous cigar brands that Holy Smokes carries is Rocky Patel Cigars, Acid Cigars, Ashton Cigars, Romeo y Juliet Cigars, Camacho Cigars, Padron Cigars, Perdomo Cigars, and others. Holy Smokes Cigars of Manchester NH has over 1000 different cigars and brands to chose from. Here is a link to view the cigar brands we carry.

Holy Smokes Cigars of Manchester NH specializes in: Premium Cigars, Boutique Premium Cigars,New Cigars,Zippo Lighters, Butane Lighters,Cigar Humidors,Pipe Tobacco,Djarum Cigarettes ” Now Called Djarum Cigars”, AL Capone Cigarillos, Cigar Accessories, Cigar Events, Empty Cigar Boxes, Roll Your Own Cigarette Tobacco “Granite State Blend “and Others.

7-20-4 cigars from Manchester NH – 7 20 4 Cigar

If you are looking for the 7-20-4 cigar line that was made in Manchester NH back in the early 1900’s at the 724 Elm street R.G. Sullivan cigar factory then this is the place to get them. We have these in-stock and can be purchased on this premier cigar web site or you can go directly to the 7-20-4 cigar line here at this link to take a look 7-20-4 cigars.

Foosball tables in Manchester NH

We have a tournament style foosball table available in our store front in Manchester NH for customers and guests. Bring your foosball buddies with BYOB and kick it up a notch with our brand new Foosball Tornado Table. We will schedule and hold local foosball tournaments in our store front at Holy Smokes cigars of Manchester NH in the near future, so sign up to our newsletter and get notified.
Holy Smokes Cigars of Manchester NH also has weekly cigar events so be sure to get on the email list so we can give you a heads up on deals and specials.

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Holy Smokes Cigars of Manchester NH is one of the fastest growing cigar stores in New Hampshire, also Holy Smokes Cigar is the best places to get cigars online at a discount price.  To order cigars online check out these links:  All Cigar Brandsnew cigarstop shelf cigarsmild cigarsmedium cigarsstrong cigarscigar samplers and everything else you will need to enjoy cigars. If you’re looking for Padron cigarsPadron 1926 AnniversaryPadron 1964 AnniversaryAshton Classic cigarsKristoff cigars,  Acid cigarsCAO LX2 cigars Alec Bradley Tempus cigars, and Cusano 18 Maduro cigars we always have them in-stock and you can trust Holy Smokes Cigars to safely purchase cigars online for all of your cigar needs. You will be able to find the very best premium cigar brands on line with Holy Smokes Cigars. We also have a selection of cigar cutters, cigar humidors, and accessories. Shop with one of the best cigar retailers in NH; we are here for all of your cigar smoking needs. Most of our premium cigar brands are discounted from 25% to 45% and even on the rare cigars.

What’s so great about what we do is, we get to hand pick and vigorously check the cigars and the cigar vendors before we order them and sell them to you, if we think the cigars are not up to par to our customers high standards then we will not order them period because Holy Smokes Cigars is not into loading up on cigar brands that customers didn’t like in the first place.  It makes no sense to buy cigar inventory in bulk and try to force overly hyped cigars to our cigar customers as many cigar web-sites do these days. Our turn around is fast here at Holy Smokes Cigars, so when you place your cigar order we go right to work on shipping you cigars out so they stay fresh and you stay satisfied. When you do place a order with us, our normal turn around time to the east coast is 2-3 days, mid west 3-5 days, and to the west coast we can get your cigars there with in 5-7 days ground. Here at Holy Smokes Cigars we are very flexible when its comes to acquiring new inventory, and we will always have thenewest and latest premium cigars available on the internet today. We carry the highest rated cigars by cigar aficionado, and we also carry the best cigar for the money, so you can find what you or your cigar smoker is looking for here.

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