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Cinco de Mayo Weekend Cigar Savings May 3rd – May 5th

Hey everybody,

Cinco de Mayo is always a Manch-vegas fan favorite holiday and of course a perfect excuse to bang out of work early. Come celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us all weekend long because here’s an offer you can’t refuse, especially if you’re a cigar smoker. We’re having cigar sales all Cinco de Mayo weekend long from May 3rd to May 5th on all your favorite cigars. Also, “if you don’t always drink beer, but when you do, you drink a Dos Equis.” That’s right we’re stocking up on the Dos Equis beer just for you, plus it’s free. You can meet Manchester’s Most Interesting Man in the World. “MJ Ligero”  will offer a crash course on how to become the most interesting man in Manch-Vegas. 




We have tons of new cigars in-stock and have been bringing in new cigars every day; our walk-in humidor is staked to the roof with awesome cigars! Swing by take a look at our new inventory, and drink a few beers for free! Better yet since this cigar store is a BYOB, bring your own beers in and celebrate Cinco de Mayo.