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724 cigars or 7-20-4 cigars derives from the R.G. Sullivan factory located on Elm St. Manchester, NH with the address 724. Since Manchester NH is where our awesome cigar store is located you will be able to find these 7-20-4 cigars cheap in Manchester NH, or order 7-20-4 cigars online cheap with the best 7-20-4 cigar prices online here on our website. The 7-20-4 cigar is hand-made and blended by Alec Bradley and is sold by the cigar rock star Kurt Kendall. 7-20-4 cigars review. The 7-20-4 cigar reviews have been highly noted that it’s a medium bodied cigar that delivers a well-rounded creamy finish. The 7-20-4 cigar is a cigar that every cigar lover should try. The 7-20-4 cigar has been one of our top selling cigar lines, and if you’re looking for the best price then swing by our cigar store in Manchester, NH  Holy Smokes cigars . Buy 7-20-4 cigars cheap in-store or online here.

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The sizes available in the 7-20-4 cigar line

7-20-4 Cigars NH

7-20-4 Dog Walker measuring in at 4.25”x40 ring gauge  –  Single: $4.39   Box of 20 $89.95
7-20-4 Churchill is a traditional Churchill size at 7”x48 ring gauge  – Single $6.29  Box of 20 $115.99
7-20-4 Gagger is a 6×60 Toro Gordo  – Single: $5.75 – Box of 20 $129.99
7-20-4 Robusto is a traditional 5×50 in size – Single: $5.39 Box of 20 $105.00
7-20-4 Torpedo is a well-constructed 6.25”x52 ring gauged cigar – Single $ 5.25 – Box of 20 $115.99
7-20-4 Gran Toro is a 6.5 x56 traditional Grand Toro sized cigar – Single $ 5.25 Box of 20 $125.95

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